Old Maps of Skegness

Historic Maps of Skegness and the local area.

Me and my 3 sisters went here , late 70s early 80 can’t remember exactly, what I do remember was how we had to share baths and be checked for head lice , they wrote with black marker on our underwear , a colour and number , even while we was wearing them ,one of my sisters was next to me on the bottom bunk and her top bunk (...Read full memory)

Walsh's in the 60s was a very happy time for me and I have great memories of when Mum and Dad,me Grandma and Grandad shared a caravan for a fortnight.The caravan was tucked away in the corner behind the arcade situated next to a ditch. I can always remember laying on the bed/settee listening to the bingo numbers being called and (...Read full memory)