Old Maps of Skelmanthorpe

Historic Maps of Skelmanthorpe and the local area.

Memories of Skelmanthorpe

Read and share your memories of Skelmanthorpe itself or of a particular photo of Skelmanthorpe.

I was born in Leeds Yorkshire, but my maternal grandmother and other relatives lived in Skelmanthorpe. My earliest memories are of being the first grandchild and visiting grandma every Christmas to celebrate. Then in 1940 I was evacuated briefly to Skelmanthorpe to live with my grandmother (...Read full memory)

I was born 1949 in Huddersfield and lived in Skelmanthorpe until 1970. I was delighted to see the photos of Skelmanthorpe taken in the fifties. It brought back wonderful childhood memories of things that I'd already forgotten. I remembered going to Bower's Newsagent to pay for our papers once every week, the chemist (...Read full memory)