Old Maps of South Chingford

Historic Maps of South Chingford and the local area.

I remember perks lovley shop in chingford hatch sold broken biscuits there was a lovley proper butchers the lady there gave me a beautiful China doll went there with my nan Betty sharp in the 1960s always walked home eating a raw sausage you could not do that now but we all survived I remember the old Mano pub before the (...Read full memory)

I lived at 116 New Road when I was 9. in 1956 and stayed for 30 years. I went to Larkswood School and Wellington Avenue Secondary after. I went to Saturday morning pictures at the Odeon. Mr Poole was in charge.My mother served ice creams from Rossis window in the 60,s.If you were a rude kid you got a smaller cornet!