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Theme Calendar - Windmills

Featuring 12 captioned photos of Windmills. A4 sized calendar, opening to A3.

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Grinding wheels turned by wind – evocative photographs of windmills in bygone times from The Francis Frith Collection.

Memories of South Ockendon

My family moved to South Ockendon in 1953, into a new house at 164 Daiglen Drive, on the housing estate just outside the village. We shopped in the village and my father took the train from there every day to his work in London. I went to Palmers School for Girls in Grays, taking the bus every day, but the rest of (...Read full memory)

Lydia Hall There were some lovely buildings that have been lost to demolition , the elegant Georgian Pear Tree House that was the Doctors home...the "Dutch" house on the green....and does anyone remember the Windmill that was left to rot.....further afield was the Elizabethan Belhus House with a parkland designed by (...Read full memory)

Moved to Orchard Road South Ockendon from the east End (Canning Town) in 69 went to Mardyke school, still remember good memories about that school, can remember going down to the Mardyke river, there was a very shallow part near the bridge, this was when you could go down Buckles Lane and walk through the old army barracks (...Read full memory)

My Name was Diana Pearce and my sister was Carole Pearce. My parents moved to South Ockendon just before I was born in 1948. I was born in a prefab on Foxglove crescent, whilst Belhus estate was being built. We moved from the prefab to 140 Broxburn drive in a banjo as we called it, today it would be a (...Read full memory)

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