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I previously wrote regarding my family being evacuated to South Petherton during the second world war, i have one living relative left who has unfortunately got dementia but he still remembers his time as a boy in the village, he says he stayed in Cleals Cottages ? which i believe have since been demolished, is there (...Read full memory)

My Mother Joyce Ladbury was evacuated to South Petherton at the beginning of WW2 aged 9 years. She stayed with a few families but most of all loved the Gaylard family. Mrs Gaylard and twin daughters Gwen and Cis ( or Sis) not sure of spelling.My Mum loved going out with the adult daughters to deliver the mail (...Read full memory)

My 3rd great grandfather, Francis Theophilus Robins, lived in South Petherton and was a lawyer in Yeovil. He married, I think an Elizabeth Upton. They had at least two children, my 2nd great grandfather George and a daughter Frances who married a Burridge. George was born in 1816 in S. Petherton and (...Read full memory)

My family were evacuated during the second world war from East London , they were put into some cottages in the village, my mum died in 2002 and her sisters have died since then, apart from one who is in her eighties. I can remember growing up with them talking about such wonderful memories they had during evacuation in (...Read full memory)

I first moved to South Petherton in the early 1990s. I fell in love with the village and the lovely folk there on a visit to Ham Hill. Quickly I move into a cottage in Yeabridge close to South Petherton, then I was offered a job in Scotland, another place I love, and six year ago after being made (...Read full memory)

I grew up near South Petherton and have fond memories, i lived in South Petherton as did my parents in the 1990's. My grandfather Frank White was born in South Petherton in 1895 as was his father Amos and his grandfather Amos. Our family go back quite a few generations in South Petherton. I am researching my (...Read full memory)

My father was born in South Petherton. I think his father's name was Charlie Potts, they lived in Compton Road as far as I can remember. I used to love visiting Somerset as my uncle and aunties had farms where I could help (or hinder) my uncles on my summer holidays. One was called Ron and Doris Rowswell who had Hill (...Read full memory)

I was born at Harp Road Garage, the eldest of 4 boys. I was educated at boarding schools and played cricket for South Petherton. My grandparents and great grandparents owned the original Wheatsheaf Inn opposite the Blake Hall. My grandmother left the Wheatsheaf to live in The Little Thatch, St James Street. My (...Read full memory)