South Shields, King Street c.1883

Memories of South Shields

My nana was born in Orange Street, South Shields. Can anyone tell me where Orange Street was situated in South Shields? My nana was born 1892, Alice Duffie, sisters Mary and Isabella. Any help would be most appreciated, as yet again I have hit a brick wall thanks x

I was born and lived in Forest Hall 1952-1968. I had relatives that lived in South-Shields, they owned the cycle shop Hornsbys. I used to go on visits there with my grandparents for tea, I remember we used to go down to the beach, when we were there, weather permitting. I have nice memories of the place. Brenda.

My dad's mum lived in Fowler Street in 1901 aged 5 years old, her name was Frances Ann Coulson. She was married to a David Taylor in June 1914. Their son was my father, called Charles Henry Taylor. I am Joyce Collins, nee Taylor. I am doing the family (...Read full memory)

Can anybody remember my grandad's shop in Frederick Street? Does anyone have any information about him, his family or his shop? I am trying to research my father's side of the family tree and only have a limited knowledge.

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