Southampton, God's House Tower 1908

Memories of Southampton

I was born in Spring Hill nursing home in 1933, corner of Hill Lane and Howard Road, and I used to take short cuts via the bomb site on the way to school, sometimes I would find a coin or two. We lived near the Dell football ground and all Dad's friends would park their cars in our front garden while they went to the match. (...Read full memory)

i remember being taken to the zoo on the common many times as a kid. it was very small and probably not a nice place for some of the animals to live. i particularly remember watching the big cats pacing up an down in their cages as we looked on. even as a kid of about 8 (1972) i could see they were in distress. there was a (...Read full memory)

I recently discovered whilst researching my family tree that Grandad George James Candy was not only born in St Helier, Jersey, but by the time he was 13 years old he and his brother Charles Henry (10 years) were living in the Seamans orphanage at 6 Hill Lane. I would love to know if anyone can remember the orphanage or has any knowledge of its history.

My family lived at number 9 Westgate street. Walter and Elizabeth White and their nine children!!! A couple of the boys apparently built church pews for St Joseph's church, Bugle Street around 1887. One of the boys, Walter, moved to 14 Chandos street, Southampton, and then onto the York Tavern, (...Read full memory)

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