Southwick, The Harbour c.1965
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To the south of the harbour stood the power stations and gas works, the main users of coal, which represented over half of the port's total commodities by the end of the 1950s. Following the closure of these buildings, the trade in coal significantly diminished, but an increase in other commodities, like timber imports, redressed the balance.

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Memories of Southwick, the Harbour c1965

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. These memories are of Southwick, The Harbour c.1965

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I was born in Southlands hospital in 1932. In 1935 I moved into 14 West Road Fishersgate and (when old enough)went to Fishersgate Infant school. In 1943 we moved into 21 Fishersgate Terrace, which at that time was on the corner of Laylands Road, it was demolished to clear the way for the rebuilding of Fishersgate. I well remember playing down the canal bank and along the canal shore. Before the ...see more
My father had a corn merchant shop called Gommes (I think this is the correct Spelling) at 33a Albion Street. As far as I can remember it was opposite the old power station. My mum told me that a ship called the Beeding used to wake me up in the morning. Does anybody have any old photographs of this shop or memories. We moved to London when I was 7 years old so my memories of the shop are vague.
As a pupil at Manor Hall Secondary School I also remember the Valiant crashing and the plume of smoke with the explosion as it hit the railway line by Southwick Recreation Ground. As it was lunch time no members of the public were hurt. A locally run Website 'This is Findon' by Valerie Martin has more information on that day from other people. There is included, an extract of the crash investigation report ...see more
I also remember the Valiant bomber crashing. We were in the playground and the plane went overhead. It was on fire and looked like something out of war movie. I remember the loud bang and flames as it hit the REC. I think also some of the parts landed on the railway line. I believe there was one survivor who parachuted out.