Sprotbrough, Hall 1895

Memories of Sprotbrough

I have pictures, maps and photos of Sprotbrough Hall demolished in 1925, my mum used to recall playing there - anyone else have memories?

I was brought up in Tennyson Avenue off Sprotborough Road and at weekends in the Summer would cycle 20 or so miles all around south Yorkshire. If on the way to Conisbrough, Barnbrough or the River Don we would pass the Ivanhoe Hotel which, to a 14 year old in 1950 looked to be a very grand place indeed. If a (...Read full memory)

I lived in Rawmish, and as a special treat my dad's mate Tony Williams got his mate the caretaker to let me have my own personal look roun't castle. My dad used to work at the pit offices in Denaby. When I used to go and see my dad in't olidays I'd go train spotting to the station and then ride home making sure I went via the castle.

My grandparents lived on Melton Road opposite the Ivanhoe,they bought the house from new and paid about £500 for it in the 30s I think,I spent a lot of my summer hols with them and loved it,when grandad was at work me and my gran went to Doncaster shopping,sometimes we would go to Chesterfield with him,he would go to work and we (...Read full memory)

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