It Is A Timeless Scene

A Memory of St Annes.

My experiences of the St Anne's Pier Entrance took place in 1955. After sailing my boat on the nearby model boat pond, I was given a few coppers to spend in the games arcade which was just inside the entrance. Most involved flicking a ball bearing around a vertical loop, hoping to see the ball fall into a hole which would result in a cascade of pennies falling into the little tray. Photos of Hollywood film stars adorned these machines. There was also a range of mechanical puppets, some quite gruesome, performing for you. And I mustn't forget the laughing sailor!

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That laughing sailor was an utter nightmare for me when I lived in St Annes! I remember on the pier a machine my young sister fiddling with it and "ahem" getting free gifts from it.That solved the puzzle of how much she was getting out of her pocket money with the gifts she kept getting!
I went with my Grandma Mrs Elizabeth Hardman onto the end of the pier and saw many a show when there was a theatre. I smile reading about the boating lake,because on a sunny day there were as many children in the water as there were boats! I remember the sign by the boating area saying BATHING WAS FORBIDDEN and it seemed adults as well as the kiddies never bothered reading that sign :-)
I too remember the pier and the laughing sailor. I also sallied a little boat on the pond. I was born 1953 and remember going to the Floral Hall on the pier to see the shows. I also remember the Bingo and the slot machines. Wonderful memories.

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