St Ives, Barnoon Hill 1898

Memories of St Ives

I found an old postcard of Porthminster Beach recently in a charity shop in Devon. I was intrigued by the message, it was addressed to a Miss Johnson at Pedn Olva House and something tragic had obviously happened as it talked of being 'verily verily sad' and 'great sorrow'. I would love to know more, or even to pass it on to the family.

St, Ives born and bred, my family had lived in a couple of houses upalong before moving to 22 The Digey ( the middle door ) sometime in 1967. I remember having my 6th birthday there.  At the time there was a credit squeeze on and my parents could only afford a tiny downalong cottage even though they had sold a large (...Read full memory)

In 1969 we visited St Ives in Cornwall for our annual summer holidays but on this occasion due to it being a last minute decision we had not booked our accommodation. Travelling from Bedfordshire in those days was considered by most to be a bit of a trek and it was usual to stop-over but we chose to plough- on arriving (...Read full memory)

The man on the step here is a distant relative of mine, possibly my great-great grandfather. Another picture that I have known of for ages but never known its origins.

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