Staithes, Fishwives c.1960
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When the village relied almost entirely on fishing for a living, it would be the women who baited the lines, usually with mussels, or sometimes limpets. Here, with the bridge that links the two sides of the village in the background, are four women showing off their selection of crabs.

An extract from Yorkshire Coastal Memories.

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Yorkshire Coastal Memories

Yorkshire Coastal Memories

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A Selection of Memories from Staithes

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Staithes

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As a young child my school in Manchester took us to the camp. It was amazing, as my mum was a teacher at the school, I went on many occasions. I would love to go back but as I don't drive and now an oap I guess it would be difficult. My friend took me there a few years ago, and we went to the camp, an amazing gentleman from a school in Leeds, showed us round the camp. It was like time had stood still the refectory it ...see more
My father’s family owned fishing cobbler boats in Staithes and its where my father grew up. He used to tell me stories how he used to bunk school and go out with his Uncle Jack in the fishing boats. The fishing families held an annual picnic, not on land, but on the sea where all the cobbler boats would link up making a big platform. As a young boy it was his job to be the beer runner when the fishermen were mending their nets (this was all in the 1920s). Great stories.
My grandmother`s sister owned one of the houses which are built almost in to the cliff as you walk down the hill and along a little walk way to the right. In those days it was used a guest house. My father would take his holidays towards the end of the summer and we had the house to ourselves. We rock climbed, went winkling, saw the women in their bonnets sitting outside cottages doors, we went fishing (Dad at the ...see more
Hi to all, for the past twenty-two years my wife Sheila and myself have brought our family to Staithes on holiday twice a year, around February and October time. We stayed in many of the wonderful cottages on offer - FORDSIDE, NORTHLEA, FISHERMANS, PENNYSTEEL, THE NOOK, THE OLD WATCH HOUSE, PRIMROSE COTTAGE & AUNTY ANNIE'S COTTAGE, many of the cottages we stayed in several times. During our visits over the years we ...see more