Stanhope, Front Street c.1960

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Memories of Stanhope

My name is Alan Brogan, though I changed my name many years ago. I was in the Castle School from 1963 to 1969/70. My six years there were an unrimitting trial of severe punishment, all for a bag of sweets and refusing to totally obey orders when in the children's homes. I am having more spinal surgery now as a result of (...Read full memory)

In 1945 I was placed in South Hetton Remand Home at the age of 10 by Sunderland Magistrates Court.(I had a difficult homelife with a very physically abusive stepfather, otherwise I would have been fined 5 shillings and sent home.) From there I was sent to Aycliffe Approved School. I was in both (...Read full memory)

hi im allan chadwick just found this site i was at castle school 1961-1964 it was abad plase to be was punished once3 by standing in the rain in the play area with out any clothes iv just found out that my brother arthur has died .iv had problems with the boffect of bean ther

Hi, does anyone know two brothers named Arthur and Alan Chadwick. Alan had ginger hair and was a little older, they were at the castle - Arthur left about mid 60s, Alan earley on . They are my older brothers, sadly Arthur passed away just over a year ago, I think Arthur's nickname was Chad. They bothed live at Houghton Le Spring.

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