Memories of Stevenage

George Graham had a furniture shop on Main street Stevenage had two daughters, his wife was a Clements,my dad was Noah Clements her brother, we visited in summer when staying in Aston during school holidays at auntie Edith Wright

This is simply my most favourite place in the whole world! No words can describe the peace and tranquility I feel when I walk along The Avenue with my family and dogs. The autumn months are my favourite! The range of colours in the trees, the conkers falling to the ground, and the sound of the branches swaying in the wind. Here I (...Read full memory)

My father was Noah Clements his sister's husband George Graham had a furniture store on Main street in Stevenage mum and I used to visit when going to Aston during school holidays to visit her sister Edith Wright Graham's had two daughters, wonder what has happened to them since last saw them around 1955 my email is

Gwen this isn't really a memory, but I wondered if you would have known my sister, Janet Pitches? From your musings and memories, you look to be about the same age. If not, I enjoyed reading anyway! Marion (her younger sister).

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