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Buckinghamshire Photographic Memories

Buckinghamshire Photographic Memories

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Caption for Stokenchurch, The Common C1955: Looking across Bowling Green to the south side of Oxford Road, these houses are mainly early and later 19th century. The modest petrol station has now expanded and the houses on each side of the Esso sign have now gone.

An extract from Buckinghamshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Stokenchurch

I started attending Bartholomew tipping, or B.T. in Stokenchurch, at 11 in September 1967 and left at 16 in July 1972. Mostly great teachers and a good school. Closed by idiots. Especially fond memories of teachers Mr. Parker (Plod), Hazel Groom later Szwierchynski (sorry if miss-spelt) and Audry Tattersall. I'd love to swap memories.

My father, Edward Gray, attended this school and then worked in Andersons. My grandmother, Annie Gray, lived in Jubilee Road and then in one of the bungalows in Marlow Road. My auntie, Gladys Poyser, lived in Elizabeth Road. Dad wants to know if anyone who went to school with him is still living there?

This is how long it is since I lived in Stokenchurch at "Rushmoor", Marlow Road. I left because my father was posted to Germany. My main memory is of a boy being sent to the Karenza cafe to get 6d worth of rubber rivets by a roustabout from the fair setting up on the Green.

I became the licensee of The Raven in August 1982 assisted by my wife Hilary. We had previously been managers of The Blue Flag in Cadmore End for 4 years. A very basic boozer. A public bar and a Lounge bar (it had a carpet) with an off sales in between. Both my children went to Bartholomew Tipping School, but (...Read full memory)

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