Strathyre, Temperance Hotel 1899

Memories of Strathyre

I was born in the Munro Hotel, which was built by my great grandfather. Before that he was the teacher in the village school. Growing up in the village in the 1950's was amazing. We had total freedom,of the hills and the river or out on bikes. Our school was one classroom for all ages with a big open fire which we sat round in (...Read full memory)

The name of the hotel was The Munro Hotel, after the owner who built it. It's now called The Munro Inn.

I stayed here when I was nine. I have fond memories of it, together with the hotel dog who fell in love with me - we would go for walks across the luscious green fields together. Across the road was the railway station where I met every train and there were loads of local places of interest - the Falls of Leny, Oban, Rob Roy's grave at Balquidder. And it was 56 years ago!

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