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Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories

Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories

The photo 'Sunderland, Shipyards on the Wear c1900' appears in this book.

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650 years of shipbuilding on the Wear came to an end with the closure of North East Shipbuilder's Southwick yard in 1989. Here, however, is a reminder of what it used to be like, with ships being fitted out on both sides of the river. Almost hidden in the centre background is one of the tugs belonging to Lambton Collieries, identifiable by its funnel colours of black with three red horizontal stripes. Around the time the picture was taken Lambton Collieries were sending between three and four million tonnes of coal a year to the Wear for shipment.

An extract from Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories.

Memories of Sunderland, Shipyards on the Wear c1900

at the time I lived in South hetton about 12 miles from town and on leaving school at age 14 started work in Turveys garage at the bottom end of holmeside,just around the corner from the south end of the station. I remember going into whites market with one or two of the staff from the garage.Some names to remember, Mr English the stores manager, Ted Gorman workshop foreman, Ken Laws and Tiny Dunn. Both mechanics. ...see more

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This would have been an everyday sight for my ancestors who worked in the paper mill at Hendon and for the NE Railway.

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