Surbiton, The Station c.1955
Photo ref: S231004
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Art Deco

Our archivist's pick of photos depicting this unmistakable architectural style which originated in the 1920s.

A Selection of Memories from Surbiton

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Surbiton

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My name is Peter Seager-Thomas. The shop on the corner (LHS) was Shewells the Chemist. Mr Shewell and my father had studied together and whilst our future home was being built, in Upper Brighton Road, Mr Shewell put the family up in late 1954 and early 1955. My elder brother and I had the room on the second storey, the window of which can be seen in the picture. That winter I remember laying on the wide ...see more
My name is Peter West and I started my life and spent the first 7 important years at the Oak. My dad was the landlord and and his father before him up until 1962 when he retired and I was whisked away in tears to go to our new home in Devon.I have such strong and fond memories of it all. Mr. Willsdens greengrocer shop. Mr Kirkby the chemist on Maple Road. Crossed to Home Park on Victor Townsends ferry. I ...see more
My grandmother lived opposite Surbiton Lagoon - great time swimming here and over to her for cake and a glass of juice before cycling back to Chessington
Hi my name is Raymond Morgan I was born in the Alpher road Surbiton I ws born in a pub My grand father was the Land Lord of the Surbiton Arms Public House My Grand father was Captin Alphrid Bell He was a serviver of the Somme in 1918