Swallownest, Worksop Road c.1950

Memories of Swallownest

My nan and grandad lived at 15 Worksop Road with my Aunty Barbara I am the daughter of Marjorie Fletcher. My Aunty Mary and Uncle Charlie and my cousin Carol lived next to the pub, my Aunty Rub and Uncle Tom lived one door up. I was born at 15 Worksop Road, Happy memories I will hold forever

This photo is way past 1950 as this place is Mansfield Road Hill leading out of Swallownest, it is after the council had re-modelled the hill making it a wider road with a tarmac footpath. On the left where the road levels out is the depot set up when the road was re-constructed.

The first building over the bridge was Pritchards orchard entrance, they used to sell produce at that building, as kids we used to raid the orchard. I lived on Alexandra rd and over a field was the orchards, we got nabbed sometimes. The photo is after 1950 because I remember the council working on the footpath and putting (...Read full memory)

My father Richard Bradbury owned the shoe repair shops in swallownest. In 1946 with is war service savings he opened his shop on high street Sheffield . Which when he moved became the Halifax agency. In 1957 he opened his new premises at 45 Worksop Road opposite the cinema. He sold land next to his new shop on which was (...Read full memory)

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