Swanage, The Pier 1897
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From the Pier 1897 Carriages are drawn up on the approach to the pier to collect passengers from the arriving steamers. Elsewhere, strollers pay their pennies to come through the turnstile to walk the pier and sample the balmy sea air.

An extract from Dorset Photographic Memories.

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This selection of vintage photographs shows some of our finest piers in their heyday, recalling their glory days when seaside piers were at the heart of the traditional British family holiday.

Dorset Photographic Memories

Dorset Photographic Memories

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A Selection of Memories from Swanage

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Swanage

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At the end of this road on the right would have been my grandfather's hairdresser shop. My Dad, his son, said that his mother would go in the bakery adjoined to the print shop next door to get baked goods for afternoon tea. She served the tea and baked goods to the other hairdressers in the shop. My Dad lived over the shop with his parents and one brother. They lived there until the war when it got ...see more
Do you know the addresses of these shops? My grandfather had a hairdresser shop at 12 Station Road, Sutton Clark Hairdresser. His son, my Dad, does not have any photos of the shop.
I have been holidaying in Swanage for 46 years, staying on Ullwell caravan site then Phippards. Happy days walking down to the tap for water, the water use to trickle out of the tap but did not bother us what so ever. The showers cost 10p a go and were usually cold, standing on a red slimey floor, nowhere to hang your clothes or towel. Then there was the shop that didn't sell newspapers! Just sweets and ...see more
The one and only time Ive been to Swanage was in 1959, when my friend Judith and I were sent on a Social Christian Movement Holiday! Neither of us were very religeous, but had mums who thought we should be. I cant remember much about it, except that we stayed in a Church Hall, that had a stone floor. We were given palliases (we didnt know what they were either) to fill with straw, when we first arrived and showed the ...see more