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Caption for Swansea, General View From Hill 1893: In 1722 the writer and traveller Daniel Defoe visited Swansea and commented that Swansea was 'a very considerable town and has a very good harbour. There is also very great trade for coal which they export to all the ports of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall and also to Ireland itself so that one sometimes sees a hundred sail of ships at a time loading coal here'. This panoramic view is very evocative of two major factors in the city's history: the rolling hills which surround it, and the rows of terraced worker's cottages, which testify to the city's once significant industrial power.

Memories of Swansea

Dear Frith Collection, My grandfather, Llew E. Morgan, was a renowned photographer in Wales, (see FULL CIRCLE at I am convinced that he took this photograph as my grandmother and mother are walking towards the camera on the right. As usual, my mother, then aged (...Read full memory)

Most of my relatives in Swansea got married in St Mary's. I have traced my Trick ancestors to Hartland in Devon. My great uncle Thomas Gilbert R Trick was down on the Swansea 1911 census as being an ice skating instructor , I have asked my father if he knew of a rink in Swansea and he cannot (...Read full memory)

I remember walking through the old Castle Gardens on my first ever day at work at the old GPO office, 13-14 Wind Street in October 1976 - it was very pretty, unlike the concrete version that exists today.

My brother Joe joined St Mary's church choir about 1936. We lived on Pantycelyn Road, Town Hill and every Sunday morning he was forced to drag me, his sister (sixteen months younger), down the hill and across town to the church. He went into the choir loft and I was left to find a seat somewhere. The place looked enormous to (...Read full memory)

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