Swindon, G.W.R. Works Trip Train c.1913

Memories of Swindon

We moved to Swindon in 1957 from London (Wimbledon, actually) when my dad, a skilled engineer, got a job at Vickers Armstrongs at South Marston, with a brand new council house thrown in. In those post-war austerity days there was no problem getting a council house - in these austerity days, however, very, very few are (...Read full memory)

My great-grandfather Joseph Williams, a Swindon builder, built this church in 1886. Joseph and his wife Sarah were also heavily involved in the services at this church. Joseph was a lay preacher and was the Sunday School superintendent for a number of years. The church was demolished in 1949. The congregation since moved to a more modern building in Swindon.

I'm a Pinehurst boy infants' juniors and seniors before moving on to Headlands as the first of the Comprehensive pupils. But firstly I'm from Pinehurst and proud of it. I lived with my Mum and Gran in Hawthorne Avenue until my dad left the Navy then we lived in Maple Grove, we then had the fish and chip shop on the Circle (...Read full memory)

Born in 1951, I lived in Lechlade,Ledbury, Highworth, Oldtown, Cunningham Road and I lived on Penhill Drive in the late 1950s, I went to the infants and junior school. In the infants we learned to count by using small stones kept in a tobacco tin (I kid you not), our classrooms were in portakabins with steps leading up to them. (...Read full memory)

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