Swindon, The Rose Gardens, Town Gardens 1948

Memories of Swindon

I can remember 1963 very well. I lived in Kingsway Close. My father was an insurance agent named Reg Dady and later became an assistant manager. I attended Swindon College and then joined my father as an insurance agent for United Friendly. I had many friends, including Geoff Exton, lead guitarist of Trigg and the Sapphires. (...Read full memory)

Hi Anyone out there remember the Clifton Street School Annexe? I lived in Newburn Cres, not far away, in 1968-70, and went to school there. My Dad was a policeman and we lived in a police house next door to Jane Gresham who was friends with my sister. Mr Edwards was my favourite teacher, he was Welsh.On Wednesdays (...Read full memory)

I am researching my fam tree. I have found out some of my ancestors came from Swindon. Due to a long story my Grandmothers biological Grandfather worked on the G.W.R AS A Labourer his name was Edwin New. He married Mary Jane Stroud in 1873 then went on to have my Grandmother Real mother Alice Elizabeth New. Alice was born on the (...Read full memory)

My Dad was a copper and one day took me to the Gorse Hill Police Station where he was based.  He and the duty sergeant muttered away quietly hatching a plan to surprise me. The sergeant took me on a tour of the building, eventually taking me down into the depths to see the cells. He was explaing how policeing had changed (...Read full memory)

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