Swindon, The Rose Gardens, Town Gardens 1948

Memories of Swindon

I have very fond memories of Swindon and Coate Water in particular. I was born and brought up in Barking in Essex but my father had an old army pal, Jack Miles, who lived in Swindon ( Wells Street I think) and we would go and visit Jack and his wife Zoe and their daughter Jill on numerous occasions, normally (...Read full memory)

I am researching my fam tree. I have found out some of my ancestors came from Swindon. Due to a long story my Grandmothers biological Grandfather worked on the G.W.R AS A Labourer his name was Edwin New. He married Mary Jane Stroud in 1873 then went on to have my Grandmother Real mother Alice Elizabeth New. Alice was born on the (...Read full memory)

I remember swimming in Coate Water aged about 8 - 10 and nearly drowning in the open air swimming pool. My cousin fell into the lake when he was about three but was rescued by my uncle who leapt in to get him out. The diving board in the picture seemed enormous to me and I was impressed by the people who dived from the top. I (...Read full memory)

We moved to Swindon in 1957 from London (Wimbledon, actually) when my dad, a skilled engineer, got a job at Vickers Armstrongs at South Marston, with a brand new council house thrown in. In those post-war austerity days there was no problem getting a council house - in these austerity days, however, very, very few are (...Read full memory)

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