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Memories of Swiss Cottage

I was born in 1942 and from then until the early 1960s I lived in Cottage Mews. The mews was situated off Belsize Road very near to the entrance to the Swiss Cottage tube station. There was a newspaper stand at the entrance to the station, then going down the hill was an Estate Agents, a Milk Bar and a music (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1959 and we moved from Rossly Hill to Canfield Gardens in 1960. I am now 50 and still live and work very close to Canfield Gardens. I went for a coffee with a friend yesterday to the cafe at the top of Goldhurst Terrace, just down the side of Waitrose (used to be Ken & Marie deli!) and noticed a (...Read full memory)

Having lived from 1938 to 1959 in the adjacent Lymington Road, which backs onto the Richmond-Broad Street Line serving this station and having passed it daily to and from my way to school/work, I would question classifying it as "Swiss Cottage", which is 10 minutes walk further east. (...Read full memory)

This was a Boys Grammar School. Their uniform was a cap and blazer with broad black and dark red stripes. During the war a number of the large houses in Frognal were evacuated by their wealthy owners, "For The Duration". Their overgrown gardens, though not easily accessible, became 'Adventure Playgrounds" and their fruit trees a source of 'scrumping', for local local children.

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