Memories of Sydenham, c1955

I remember leapfrogging over the safety bollards outside the pub, opposite Cobbs the shop, I must have been about 8 or 9 (about 1955), the last one I became hooked up by my skirt. Can't remember how I got down, but I didn't do it again in a skirt.

Me and that lampost know each other quite well, my dad and I were walking towards Cob's Corner to catch the No 12 bus home from having our hair cut at Mr Davy's, the Cypriot barbers at the bottom of the high street. For what ever the reason, I was walking and looking the wrong way - my dad called just to late and "smack" there it was. He fell about laughing - I just balled. My mum had more sympathy. This huge lump was just made to look biger with my short hair. Wayne

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