Sydenham, St Bartholomew's Church 1898

Memories of Sydenham

I started Kelvin Grove school in Kindy in 1952 and left in 1958. I was in Mrs Doubleday's class of about 50 students-not at all surprising she was very strict. I especially remember Mr Cousins a very firm but fair teacher. I now live in Australia and still have fond memories of Kelvin Grove. I lived in Sydenham and walked to school with my sister and other children in my street.

I remember leapfrogging over the safety bollards outside the pub, opposite Cobbs the shop, I must have been about 8 or 9 (about 1955), the last one I became hooked up by my skirt. Can't remember how I got down, but I didn't do it again in a skirt.

I would have taken the 11+ at Kelvin Grove. I remember the laundry behind the school blowing up. I went there from 1952 to 1958 and lived in Forest Hill. Teachers I remember are: Ms Doubleday (very strict - nobody liked her!), Ms Eckersley - everyone liked her, Mr Cousins - good teacher, very strict, threw the board (...Read full memory)

I was christened in this church in 1952. We lived in Crystal Palace Park Road, and I was a Cub Scout there as well, 4th Sydenham. I remember one year we entered a 'Soap Box' go-cart in the soap box derby that was held in Brighton along the sea front. I thought ours was going to win because it went so fast in the test we (...Read full memory)

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