Old Maps of Talacre

Historic Maps of Talacre and the local area.

I remember happy childhood holidays at Talacre. We would stay in a wooden chalet, belonging to a friend of my Dad's. He would pick us up in his Ford Anglia, my dad would sit in the front. Then mum, my sister Annette and myself, would sit in the back, with Tina( the corgi dog) across our knees. Once we arrived, Annette and myself (...Read full memory)

My Auntie May Howard and her husband Frank from St. Helens had a wooden holiday bungalow she called Homestead in Dee Avenue Talacre - it was definitely 1961 onwards and possibly just before that and the community centre stands there now. The bungalow next door was called Iona. We first went there as a family (...Read full memory)