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Old Maps of Talacre

Historic Maps of Talacre and the local area.

Our family holidays where in Talacre. We stayed in Lovely Cottage. On the road by the Point of Ayr. The toilet was at the end of the garden and we had gas lighting and gas iron. These were the most wonderful days of our family holiday. Horses in the field opposite. A walk up to Talacre Arms and then on to a (...Read full memory)

I remember happy childhood holidays at Talacre. We would stay in a wooden chalet, belonging to a friend of my Dad's. He would pick us up in his Ford Anglia, my dad would sit in the front. Then mum, my sister Annette and myself, would sit in the back, with Tina( the corgi dog) across our knees. Once we arrived, Annette and myself (...Read full memory)