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St. Benedicts Priory later became a special boys' school renamed 'Finchden Manor' run by George Lyward renowned educationalist in therapeutic education in the 1940s/50s/60s.

My brothers and I whom grew up in St Michaels used to go fishing in the Mill pond. I was only very small (born in 1971) but I remember we used to walk to the Mill pond with a picnic and we would sit on a little bit of brick wall next to the damn swinging our legs over the edge of the pond. Then the damn broke and the Mill (...Read full memory)

This place was at a house, the favourite place for us kids to go. There was an old boathouse that sheltered us when it rained.

I used to live in Golden Square, in the 60's, next door to Mrs Jewel, the mens barbers, needless to say we always had short hair until my teenage years when I grew it very long.

I well remember going to dances at the Town Hall in the sixties, the sweet shop next door and the old bus station, the tackle shop and of course the Odeon.

My partner's mum remembers once a year as a treat (may be May Day) the children were given striped lollies on hazel sticks.Can anyone else remember this?

Interesting photo: this timber-framed building is actually a 'Wealden' converted to 'Continuous Jetty' type. "Towards the close of the 15th century, an entirely new kind of dwelling appeared in the Weald. Its [the Continuous Jetty type] distribution is wide and more general than that of (...Read full memory)

My father, Gordon Howard, was manager of W H Smith & Son in 1955, the year I was born. It's amazing looking at these photos taken at the time I was living in Tenterden. It's possible I saw the photos being taken or we might actually appear in one of them.

The building on the right was W H Smith & Sons. My father, Gordon Howard was the manager and we were living in the flat above the shop from 1955 to 1965. You can see that the shop is closed because the shutters are down. The shop front was painted dark green. The windows upstairs are open so we must have been at home and it must have been fine weather!

The building on the left, next to the Town Hall with five windows on the first floor was W H Smith & Sons and my father, Gordon Howard, was the manager. I was born in the flat above the shop in 1955.