Thornton Heath, High Street c.1965

Memories of Thornton Heath


I was born in Mayday Hospital Croydon in 1940 and then lived with my sister, mum and dad in Hythe Road Thornton Heath, got many happy memories, playing football in the street as there was no cars, or playing in Grange Wood at the top of the road. Went to Beaulah Road Juniors and Ingram Secondary Modern (...Read full memory)

My parents moved down from Aberdeen when I was 15 Mths Old we first lived at 107A Ecclesbourne Rd right opposite the Elementary School, I see the tenements still exist. They were owned by the Andrew Family who used to come around weekly to collect the rent, Dad became the handy man for Mr (...Read full memory)

I used to visit my aunt & uncle who lived in this - as it was known to me - the posh area of Thornton Heath: it was even pronounced differently - where I lived we invariably but a "mate" on the end of everything. Anyway - this was a favourite place for me - for frog and newt hunting - and in the winter - ice (...Read full memory)

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