Old Maps of Three Bridges

Historic Maps of Three Bridges and the local area.

My mum's aunt and uncle, Tom and Polly Stepney, lived in Three Bridges on what was always referred to as "the farm". A couple of years ago I visited with my husband and we tried to find where it was. After lot of searching we believe it was in Woolborough Road (before it was obliterated by the sprawl of Crawley.) Uncle (...Read full memory)

When I was a kid I had to walk from Pound Hill to Barkers every Saturday morning to fetch a gallon of Blucole paraffin for my dad. Barkers was the local garage/taxl rank. We lived in Pearson Road and then moved to Mill Road, Three Bridges around 1960. You can imagine 8 year old kids nowadays walking the best part of a mile (...Read full memory)