Memories of Thurlestone

My memory of the Rock House Hotel is very particular and rooted in the period 1973-1980 My stepfather's family owned the White House across the paddock field from the Rock House Hotel. The gate from The Huts & Boat Shed nearest the road to the beach opened almost directly onto the side entrance to the (...Read full memory)

I used to live in the first house on the left side of the photo 'Thurlestone Cottages 1890', in 1969 for a number of years. The house was then called 'Thatchways'. The smaller cottages attached to the main house are now missing; I believe they were destroyed many years before. We did however discover the old flagstone floor under the front lawn!!

Walked these cliffs to Hope Cove a tremendous number of times and watched the wildlife and the waters rise in winter: especially under the wooden bridge between Rock House and Thurlestone and separate the beach from the two. Lots of relatives in Hope Cove, Stayed with a good friend, Trevor R. in Galmpton and went to (...Read full memory)

My parents brought 'Rixholme' (house in the foreground) in eary 70s and renamed it Seamark. It was an amazing house to grow up in. The house had a lightning conductor on one of the chimneys and I still remember the house shaking when it was hit.

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