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Memories of Ticehurst

It took me a while to recognise the angle of this photo as from almost exactly the position my parents house was built on! Where the road ahead divides, another road to the left was later added, leading to my father's fruit farm which I grew up working on. The view in the photo is unhindered by the present (...Read full memory)

My name is David Effer and we lived in Ticehurst from 1954 to 1968 when we left for Australia.   We lived in Springfields and I had 4 brothers and two sisters.  My father worked at Ticehurst House as a chef.   Mum and dad have passed on now and one sister lives in Sicily.

This view brings back many childhood memories, I was born in the cottage on the right hand edge of the picture, in 1947, growing up on the farm there, and have lived within three miles of the area for the majority of my life.

Singehurst pond was the place for both girls and boys to go fishing with their bags of dampened bread and makeshift fishing rods. Throughout the season we caught loads and then returned our catch at the end of an outing, sometimes staying out all day. It was an excuse to meet up with friends and other village children (...Read full memory)

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