Memories of Tideford

This photo sparked a memory from when I was around 4 years old, helping Mrs Oldiing put flowers on her husbands grave, when my sister - then around 2 - sat on an ants nest. Panic then, but laughter now. This would have been around 1964. Memories swirl and it's Christmas Eve and the special treat of the church service and the (...Read full memory)

This photograph shows Tideford after the new A38 had been built through the middle of the village to serve the new Tamar road bridge. A number of properties had to be demolished for the new road. The shop in the foreground on the left is Worsfold's. When I moved to Tideford in 1965 it was one of two shops in the (...Read full memory)

When I moved to Tideford the Rod & Line was run by Fred Barnes. The pub was owned by Plymouth Breweries, a company that was later bought out by Courage. Most of their beer arrived in wooden casks and Fred had to hammer a tap into the end to dispense the beer. In those days pubs were for drinking, not for food. (...Read full memory)

This photograph shows Tideford prior to 1961, a quiet village on the road between Trerulefoot and Saltash. That was all about to change when the new Tamar road bridge was opened connecting Saltash with Plymouth in 1961. What had been a minor road now became the main road out of Cornwall into Plymouth. Previously the main route (...Read full memory)

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