Memories of Tillingham, the Square c1965

The old school bus in the photoo was used to take me and other children of the village to school it was affectionately known as "kemps cronk"as it was owned by Tony Kemp and his brother who owned the local garage. The fox and hounds was  where I first started drinking at "18" !!!!!!!?????? I played in the dart and domino club at the pub.

I remember helping my father Alan to herd the sheep from Marsh House Farm to West Hyde Farm. When we got to Tillingham Square we rested them and  the villagers used to come out to see us. I used to sing in the church choir and I used to attend the primary school, I was in Miss Rodda's class. When the Bradwell (...Read full memory)

My memories are a little vague but my family come from Tillingham. The family name is Hammond and my great-great-grandfather had a blacksmith's shop there in the High Street, it was there untill fifteen years ago but has now been redeveloped. I have many personal photos of my family but would be interested in anybody who had more photos or memories to share of this wonderful Essex village.

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