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Memories of Tilshead

It was in 1944 and I was an 18 year old gunner in the Royal Artillery.By mistake, my mate Peter and I found ourselves posted to a little village called Tilshead,it was a clerical error because when we got there no one at the Army unit knew what to do with us. Sunday morning arrived,and what better to do than go to the Church (...Read full memory)

Would be interested to know if anyone has any knowledge of the history of the Giddings family. Have visited the church and graveyard where there are gravestones but would like to know more. Thanks Theresa

Tilshead was the place where I was born and have lived in for a long time.  It is a quiet village of around 400 or so people.  There was and still is a post office.  There was a pub called The Bell but is now a private thatched house.  There are still two other pubs, The Rose and Crown, and The Black Horse. (...Read full memory)

Summer 1959 (I think) I was with Abingdon School Combined Cadet Force at Westdown Camp for our annual training week. The nearest pub, for us naughty under-age drinkers in the evenings, was the Rose and Crown. Apart from the excellent beer and the landlord's tolerant welcome, my abiding memory is of a (...Read full memory)

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