Memories of Timperley

I lived in Timperley from the age of seven in 1953 till the age of fifteen in 1961. Our family lived on Heyes Lane opposite the Congregational church and next to an empty lot I remember the incredible bonfires we had on Nov 5th as the empty lot provided us with lots of room to build the biggest bonfire possible. I (...Read full memory)

My family and I lived at 2 Carlin Gate, a cul de sac on the left of this picture just beyond the parked car. I lived there from my birth in 1948 until the family moved to Romford in Essex in the summer of 1963.

Does anyone remember the Record Hops at the Timperley Village church rooms on a Saturday night? This would be early 60's...great memories.

I'm not absolutely sure the garden was as spick and span as this at the turn of the sixties, but it wasn't that long before it became this way. It had been a ruin until the early fifties when a brutalist electricity sub station wth a sort of covered verandah in front went up, and an official path cut off the (...Read full memory)

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