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Rural Life

Stunning, serene village scenes from the archive.

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Caption for Tintagel, King Arthur's Castle 1894: FABLED Tintagel is the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. The cliffs and castle are sublime, with plunging chasms and precipices, and rough fragments of wall, bastion and gateway bound by china clay mortar. Here (33595a), the ragged clouds and the sheep shining in the stormy light combine to create a fanciful, romantic scene. Situated almost a mile inland from the castle, Tintagel village has a single plain street, a confusion of antique slate buildings and tawdry modern bungalows and shops. On the left of 33602, the lumpy roofs of the 14th-century Old Post Office plunge and pitch, the stout chimneys poking at the sky. The building fell into disrepair in the early part of the 20th century, but has now been completely restored by the National Trust.

Memories of Tintagel

In 1955 I was 11 years old, I lived in New York with my parents and my brother. My mother was from Scotland, she and my father had met when he was in medical school there. 1954 was my mother's first trip back to see her family since she had left them in July 1943. My brother and I fell in love with Britain and everything about (...Read full memory)

I was looking through pictures on the FF website of Cornwall, especially those of Helston & Tintagel. The picture of this church stirred an embarrassing memory… From the late ‘70’s to the new century, spent many Sumner hols at these Cornish villages. Arrived at them on a variety of transport, motor & pushbikes, hire (...Read full memory)

Having stayed with relatives at Port Quinn on Wednesday 12 September, we drove to Tintagel staying overnight in an hotel, just out of the town. We spent a wonderful Thursday in Tintagel and enjoyed a terrific time viewing this amazing building. So impressed were we that we have vowed to visit it again and again, for the (...Read full memory)

I have discovered that this hotel was owned by my 2nd cousin twice removed on my maternal side of the family. Mr Cyril and Mrs Grace Ayles are my ancestors. I discovered they owned this place from their probate listing. I found a newspaper report that Grace died from a long illness, but what I cannot find is a newspaper report (...Read full memory)

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