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Caption for Tintern, Bridge And River C1935: This bridge originally carried a tramway believed to have served the wire industries in the Anghiddy Valley, which linked up with the Wye Valley railway south of Tintern Station. It is now possible to drive across the bridge, although speed is restricted to 5 mph and weight to 3 tons.

Memories of Tintern

I found out that my great-grandmother was born at Tintern, she came with her parents to Warrington in 1870. Warrington was a big name in Wire and so was Tintern, that is the link. We first visited Tintern in 2003 and fell in love with it and the area. My ancestors were all bBaptised, married and buried at St (...Read full memory)

He's got exactly the same photo, and I remember standing watching him take it as the sun shone through the ruins and thinking to myself I'm not sure which I love more, him or the Abbeys we visit together. Tintern will always feel like our special place.

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