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Caption for Tiptree, Messing Maypole Mill C1955: Tiptree Heath was 'a miserable barren piece of land' haunted by tinkers, squatters, and horse-racing fans. In 1775 a brick tower-mill was built near the crossroads by John Matchett, a Colchester millwright. Though no longer working in the 1950s, it still looked smart with its black cap, finial ball and lightning conductor. It is now a house.

Memories of Tiptree

I entered White's Children's Home and Mission (known as CH&M) in June of 1945 having come from Surbiton, Surrey. I was 9 years old. The home was situated in Church Rd opposite "The Pond", it is now a CO-OP supermarket.  There was a large Georgian house named "The Grove" and a Hall with other buildings, we had a large field to (...Read full memory)

On a whim I just did a search of tiptree international farm camp. My wife and I worked there in the summer of 1971 and have many fond memories of the many different people we met there during our 6 week stay. It appears from their web site that accommodations and wages have changed dramatically. In our day we (...Read full memory)

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