More On The Williamson Of Tythby - a Memory of Tithby.

I was born in Tythby in 1948. Rose Cottage on the Cross Roads of Tythby. Church on one corner, Miss Cox's house on another and Bagleys's farm on the other. The youngest of the eight Williamsons. Ours was a full household but I have happy memories of it. Listen with Mother came on the radio at 1.45pm. Mum said I used to tell her to be quiet while washing up so that I could listen the the two nursery ryhmes and the story packed into the 15 minutes before Womans Hour started at 2.00pm.

As well as the two pigs mention in brother Brians the way they had names...Curly and Shorty as far as I can remember named after the appearance of their tails. There was also a ferret...not sure if he had a name. Dad used him for catching rabbits. I can remember him because I got a smack for letting him out of his cage.Maureen the next sister up from me got a sweet because she put him back.
I remember sitting in the Church looking at the boards that are still there. I can not have read them being so young but did recognise them on my trip to Tythby in 2005. I used to be fascinated by the different pews  in the Church. The ones on the right of the aisle are high and have doors so that you cannot see the people in them. The pews on the left of the aisle are lower. I was told during my last visit this was because the Church was built for the two Parishes of Tythby and Cropwell Butler. Cropwell Butler was better off than Tythby so they were able to pay for the bigger doors. I used to think all the posh people went in those. Mum used to tell me the story of when Lady Graham went to the Church one Winters Day. Who was the little girl with no respect for the Gentry...Me...seems I threw a Snowball at her. Never did like class distinction. I am sure she was a very nice Lady.

Tythby was a very small village and still is. Great place for children to have a happy uncomplicated life. I remember that one day Dad had to sack someone on the farm. I waited all day to see a man walking along the road with a sack on his head. Probably Brian told me that is what happened. It was Brian who used to tease me when I would sulk and stick out my bottom lip. " A fly will land on it" Used to make me cry more .....or laugh. Brian had a train set. He used to set it up, put the cat in the middle of the track and then turn it on and scare the cat. Cats name was Fluff.

I don't remember many people from Tythby. The names of Mrs Cox and Mrs Arnsby I do remember. Arnsby's farm was on the corner of the road going out of Tythy towards Bingham. The cats used to sleep in the oven and I used to think she would cook them one day.  Mrs Cox lived on the corner across from us. The house is still there just as it was.

Brian remembers playing cricket against the Church wall, I remember playing Dead in the Church Yard. This involved laying on a grave, preferably the big ones. We used to go to Sunday School and the some Church Services. I cannot remember which ones. I do remember wearing a coat with a fur collar and someone ( I bet it was Brian) stroking the fur collar and going "Puss Puss" of course making me laugh during the sermon. Mr Evans the vicar used to ride my three wheel bike when we went past the vicarage on the way to and from school. I have been told that some days I refused to pedal my bike so it was either pulled by string tied to the handlebars or I got to ride on the crossbar of Johns bike. Much more fun than pedling yourself.

Dad used to grow lots of vegetables for us to eat. We also had chickens. Milk we got from the farm. Not sure where Mum went shopping for other things as there was no shop in Tythby. We used to go to the doctor in Bingham so maybe she did her shopping there. There is no pub in Tythby only the Church a couple of farms and a few houses. You can see the whole of Tythby by standing in the middle of the crossroads and looking each way.

What did we do to pass the time.....after doing any chores we had to....not sure if I was old enough at that time. Older ones got up to a few things but I will leave that for them to add. Maureen and I would dress up....make daisy chains.. go look at Bagleys with in the fields..make jam pasties with left over and I am sure lots of other things I can't think of at the moment.

At the Church Fete I was chosen to present the Bouquet to who ever opened the Fete. I had to learn how to curstsy. Sister Maureen got to dress up as the Queen. She got to wear a white dress, a crown and a purple cloak edged with cotton wool and fruit gums for jewels.

Hope some others add their memories of Tythby. I spell it Tythby as that is the first word I learnt to spell by repeating it many times and I got the spelling from the signpost on the road into Tythby. I do have a photo of that taken in 2005

Gillian Williamson that was..... NSW Australia

A memory shared by Gillian Emerton on Aug 23rd, 2008. Send Gillian Emerton a message

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