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Caption for Todmorden, The Town Hall C1955: Todmorden Town Hall, built in 1870, once stood on the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire, a fact reflected in the carvings in the pediment frieze on its classical front, shown here: there are bales of cotton on the western (Lancashire) side and wool on the eastern (Yorkshire) side. Pevsner compared this fine Town Hall to that of Birmingham.

Memories of Todmorden

My dad was born on Broad Street in Todmorden in 1913. I visited there from Canada in 1983 and again in 1999 to see the house and as of that time, it was still standing. I would have loved to have seen the inside, but didn't have the nerve to knock on the door. The whole family left in 1923 for Canada. Sharon

Just wondering if anybody has any details re the above, I have a picture of a very old relative taken by Mr Clapham of Ferney Lee during the 1800's, many thanks.

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