Memories of Torquay

Hello, My name was Dominique Andrieu at that time. As a French student, I spent some marvelous holidays at Astwell Hall on summer 1970. Two of my aunts stayed there before me : Odette et Claude Villemaine. I usually served tea in the lounge with 2 other German young ladies. The most important (...Read full memory)

I have great memories of ansteys cove in the 50s,and of the hotel Ansteys Manor Hotel, my husband's uncle owned ,we had our honeymoon there,and went back for holiday's with our young daughter,we went down to the cove ,beach, she has just gone on a visit to the cove to capture a moment of a photo we took when she was about 5, so (...Read full memory)

I was an evacuee sent to Torquay in WW2 with our school from Ealing. Not a very happy time I'm afraid. Do remember watching the bombing of Plymouth from the bedroom window. The local children I think, thought we were from another planet. Also watching horses being shod at the blacksmiths in I think it was Tor.

I learned my English in Torquay at YMCA 1968 . Firs job, first experience of independent life. Miss cotton my Boss. All nice old clients extremely gentle with me . So many beautiful memories. Sandro Melaranci

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