Suncliff Holiday Camp

A Memory of Totland Bay.

Myself and two friends visited Totland Bay in 1969 and stayed at the Suncliff Holiday Camp. It was very basic there and I remember the owner cooked us our meals. I remember watching the moon landing on an old tv that they had in a rather run down "clubhouse". I remember there were some goats grazing as you entered the camp. Down by the sea I remember a large derelict structure that I presume was built during the war. We used to walk along the seawall to Fort Warden Holiday Camp where we used to spend our evenings in the ballroom and chat up the girls who were staying there. Will be interested to hear if any one can remember these places.

Added 24 July 2013


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Hello Keith,
My Dad was the Manager at Suncliff Holiday Camp, it was an old Fort converted to a Holiday Camp and very basic!, I was about 13 years old at the time, the Goat you spoke about, I used to look after, it was a lovely and gentle Mountain Goat, I often had a head to head push battles that he always won. The Goat was rescued as it had been abused and was from the RSPCA and the owner of the Camp who was called AG Figgins gave it that piece of land by the Font Gates at the Entrance to the Holiday Camp and the Goat had the best care.
I had a great time as a kid there, lots of secret buildings that were buried, probably kept Ammo in the War and old 55ton Cannons that were also half buried in the undergrowth.
My Mum did most of the cooking at the Holiday Camp so it was probably her you saw..
The large derelict structure you saw was a Fort in the water and had 22thick walls and was a great place to explore as a Kid, but now it is Apartments.
My name is Cliff Davies..
Fort Warden is a wreck now, its best day gone.
Hi Cliff, I was absolutely delighted to receive your memory of Suncliff Holiday Camp. I visited the island a few years ago but after searching, could not find the location. There are probably houses now on the site of the camp.I remember the holiday in 1969 quite well, my one and only bout of sun stroke. I don't remember the secret buildings or weapons but who could forget the goat. Your Mum's cooking keep us going for the holiday and very nice it was too.
If your mum and dad are still with us, please pass on my memories.

Thanks again Cliff


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