Totnes, King Edward VI Grammar School, Quadrangle 1931
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A Selection of Memories from Totnes

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Totnes

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My family, the Wicketts, were the first family to move into #11 Station Road, just after it was built. I believe not long before my father, Wilfred, was born in 1916, or prehaps just after his birth(?). My cousin, Margret Coish, nee - Margret Clay and her husband Robert Coish now own #11, making it a family owned house since it was built! The first Wicketts to live there where, my Granma and ...see more
I arrived in Totnes January 1944 and lived up at Dartington until a day before the invasion at Normandy. Totnes became our "hometown." I returned for the fiftieth anniversary and honored for being the first American to come back. Bill Bennett arranged for us to be given the "keys to the city." Back then at age 19 it was a grand experience and my wife was with me on two more trips to Totnes and Dartington Hall. ...see more
The consensus in the Albert Inn is that the gent with a folded coat under his arm is Owen MacLening, with his nephew Bill behind him. The youngster with the bicycle could well be Andy MacLening, also nephews to Owen.  Andy is currently (Jan 2009) barman in the Albert Inn.
Totnes provides lovely late night Christmas shopping evenings each December when the High Street and Market Square are decorated, the shop windows have illuminated Christmas displays and stay open late and the place is transformed into a fairyland of old-fashioned entertainments and street traders.  There are hot chestnut and mulled wine vendors, arts and crafts for sale and entertainments provided by ...see more