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Old Maps of Treherbert

Historic Maps of Treherbert and the local area.

Another memory of Treherbert Ben Thomas' recollection of January 2013, reminded me that he was not the only one who was lucky on that fateful day. A call of nature was Ben's escape, mine was a piano lesson. Both my mother and I were born in Treherbert and my father was from Ystrad. We (...Read full memory)

My own memories date from 1956 when I went on a family holiday to stay with my mother's carer where she was evacuated in WW2. My mum was there from 1939 to 1943 at least, and she stayed with a Mrs Tancock, a widow, who was probably in her early 60's during WW2. My mum attended the Penuel (Presbytarian Church of (...Read full memory)