Old Maps of Tremeirchion

Historic Maps of Tremeirchion and the local area.

Memories of Tremeirchion

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I used to be friends with Lily Austin; she lived on a farm which you had to walk down a long driveway to. I was friends with her from school. Also I remember my great aunt called Mona, her mother in law lived in 1 Merllyn. My aunt married late in life and lived in one of the cottages that was by the (...Read full memory)

As a child I used to walk with Wyn Williams (JP, Dyserth) and my father across the fields to the Rock Chapel. I have been trying to find it's exact location for sometime having asked at St Bueno's without much success! However, thanks to old friends that have surfaced recently we are walking those fields again. I also (...Read full memory)