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This bustling scene reveals the pressures for change that beset the Victorian provincial town in the 1890s. This street of small shops is showing signs of commercialism. Edwin Broad, Cash Draper, has overflowed into the next door shop, and just arrived a little further down is an early chain store - Oliver's, the shoe shop.

Memories of Truro, Victoria Place 1897

Hello from London, Canada... I am the descendent of John and Grace Clemo who owned a horse-drawn bus line between Camborne, Redruth, Truro and Penzance. I have a photo of a "square" where one of the Clemo Buses is parked. I always thought it was taken in Camborne but, upon looking at your photos, it is Victoria Square in Truro (where my dad was from - he married Annie Clemo). I can even see the letters VIC on the wall of ...see more

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