Other Memories from Tunbridge Wells

In May 1962, I was 5 years old and lived in Amhurst Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I stepped out in front of an oncoming brick lorry on the zebra crossing at St Johns Church. I was taken to the Kent and Sussex hospital where my left foot was practically severed through. I was told later by my father that surgeons wanted to amputate my foot, when one of the older surgeons at the hospital at that time ...see more

I went to school here, 1958-1964 there exist photos of the school but so far none with the Frith Collection. The school was opposite Central Station in Vale Road and resembled a large shoebox with small extensions at either end with a forecourt (playground) before it and this behind a substantial brick wall and blue double gates for vehicular access and a side gate for ...see more

I am married to David Greenland but my maiden name was Valerie Watson, I spent 14 weeks in the hospital in 1946 and also previously in 1943. I remember the beds being pushed into the corridors when the air raid sirens sounded. I was operated on by a Mr Simons for a mastoid of my left ear, if it wasn't for the discovery of Penicillin and the clever surgeon I wouldn't be here today! I was in ...see more

 Please someone anyone join in .There must be a telephone operator out ther somewhere                                                 I started as a telephonist in Tunbridge wells  sept. 8 1948. ended up at relief exchange opposite bus depot until the 60,s My married name is Russell now divorced.  I have many photos  of us girls . We were a handfull we went on lots of outings .            we hired a man to ...see more

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