Old Maps of Turners Hill

Historic Maps of Turners Hill and the local area.

My memory of Turners Hill goes back 60 years, to 1955, when our scout troop camped across the road from Worth Priory. We were the 53rd Croydon (St Gertrude's) Troop. I recall we were given the run of the woods in the priory grounds for wide games. But on one occasion the troop set out on a hike to the village (...Read full memory)

I was one of many children evacuated from Balham, London to Turners Hill on 3rd Sept 1939. My first billet was 106 Lion Lane, which at that time was the village sweetshop. How lucky was that. It was owned by Mr & Mrs Terry. They were very kind, but a bit surprised to have two 10 year olds to look after. (...Read full memory)