Old Maps of Twickenham

Historic Maps of Twickenham and the local area.

My mother owned a dress shop in twickenham...and as I grew up I remember the swimming pool...which we broke into at night...about 1970...remember Pete Townsend wanting to rent our garage....and The Crown ballet school which was owned by the mother of Bonny Langford....as for Eel Pie island...unfortunately I was too (...Read full memory)

The footbridge over to Eel Pie Island did not open until 9th February 1957, when folk were invited to a "Grand Gala Opening Night - A Three Band Session" at Eel Pie Island Jazz Club. They were treated to Cy Laurie, Bill Brunskill's Jazzmen and The Alpha Jazzmen Many thanks for the information - we will update our database to read c1960. Ed.